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Kanri has several shortcuts to make navigating the app faster for experienced users. These are either (double-)click shortcuts or keyboard shortcuts.

Click shortcuts

  • You can rename a board directly by clicking on its title when it is open. Same goes for columns, clicking them once lets you edit their name.
  • You can quickly rename a card without opening the pop up by double-clicking it.
  • You can bypass the confirmations for deletion on cards and columns by double-clicking the X icon.
  • You can also edit card sub-tasks by double-clicking them instead of pressing the pencil icon.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Press F1 to open the help menu
  • Ctrl/Command + B - Create new column in board view
  • Ctrl/Command + D - Delete last column in board view
  • Ctrl/Command + T - Edit title of last column in board view
  • Ctrl/Command + N - Create new card inside last column in board view
  • Ctrl/Command + Alt + Arrow Keys Left and right - Switch columns for title editing and card adding
  • Ctrl/Command + Plus or minus Keys Increase/decrease board column zoom (global preference)