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Import boards from Trello™

Importing boards from Trello™ to Kanri is pretty easy. Just follow this step-by-step guide to import a board with just a few clicks.

What does Kanri import?

Kanri imports the board including all columns and cards, including the description, sub-tasks, due date and tags of each card.

What does Kanri NOT import?

  • Activities on cards
  • Attachments on cards
  • Any other additional card and board properties

Please keep in mind that Kanri is still in active development and many features are on their way.

Export your board in JSON-format

Open Trello and go to your board. On the top-right, you see the menu:


When the menu has opened, click on „Print, Export and share“:


Then export the board as a JSON-file:


In some rare cases, the download is not started immediatly, but you see the JSON-file. When this happens to you, just click on „Save“ at the top-left corner to save the file to you computer.


Now open Kanri and click the “Import & Export”-tool.


Next, click on „Import from Trello“


Select the file you got from Trello and import:


The import is done and you can see you board in Kanri:


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