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Frequently asked questions

When is collaboration/cloud sync functionality coming to the app?

This functionality is planned but since the app started out as offline-only, it is not a priority to implement online sync capabilities until after version 1.0. The app is built by a solo developer in their free time, which means that progress might be slow at times.

Where is my data saved? Can I change the location?

Under the hood, Kanri uses tauri-plugin-store to store all data in a local JSON file. These are the respective locations for each operating system:

Windows: %appdata%\tech.trobonox.kanri\.kanri.dat
Linux: /home/USER/.local/share/tech.trobonox.kanri/.kanri.dat
macOS: ${HOME}/Library/Application Support/tech.trobonox.kanri/

Unfortunately, because of the library used to store the data, it is currently not possible to change this location. This feature is planned but requires a lot of work from a UX (user experience) perspective and is not expected to be released anytime soon.

Any other question you would like to see here?

If there’s any other question you believe could be in this section, please write an email to